Mobeelizer offers you the complete sync infrastructure for your mobile apps. It consists of the backend cloud infrastructure, central application - where you define your models and manage your applications and SDK for the mobile platforms you choose. Combining it together - you put your energy to your mobile app, not for the backend and synchronization problems. That is the magic in mobeelizer.


Data storage

With our SDK for your mobile platform we give you out of the box fully functional O/R mapper to interact with local data storage (SQLite). You can even use advanced criteria API to fully manipulate data in your app. What is so special about it? The synchronization to the mobeelizer cloud is being done totally automatically. Your app now is being connected to the data storage in the cloud and can sync in both ways. isn't it amazing?

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data storage


hight performance

High performance sync

The data from your mobile app could be synced to our cloud or to other connected systems, like your ERP or CRM. You define what has to be accessible to your mobile app, how can it interact with the data and what are the rules for synchronization. We take care about the rest.

Mobeelizer gives you an easy way to transactional sync complex objects graphs, i.e invoices with positions. You are not anymore restricted to syncing only simple records, just define the transaction scope on a data structure and we will take care of rest.
You can choose a conflict strategy like Last Win or manually take care of conflicts. For the last  one, we give you an user friendly web app.

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User and rights management

In mobeelizer you can quickly define roles for rights management consisting of type of devices and user groups. You can use them to effectively control access in your mobile apps or define sync strategies based on it.
You can precisely control what data can be accessed by whom - by user, by his group or by all.
Beside our built in user management you can connect your LDAP or other enterprise grade authentication system allowing users to use their login in your enterprise mobile app.

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user management



Development and Production environment

Mobeelizer gives you two distinct environments, each with separate keys, to ease your development process and make deploying your app with a single click of a button. Use our development environment for building and testing your app. And when you are ready to go live, just deploy it for the production environment. Like you do with your regular server development projects. Such distinction makes you sure that your clients will use only the tested version of your app while you can still play with changes to your app.

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Custom code for integration adapters

We know that especially the enterprise apps do not live alone, they have to consume and send data to other systems used by your company. Your sales force mobile app my use data from your ERP to retrieve data about clients and their payment balance and may write data to your CRM about new leads captured in the field.
Therefore you may easily integrate your enterprise systems with mobeelizer cloud by writing adapters using our SDK. They may be simple data exchange or contain complex business logic to translate d both sides.

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custom code




By utilising mobeelizer in your mobile apps you get automatically offline work with fully working online synchronization. You may set the sync being triggered at given time intervals, on events or by giving the full control of it to the user. Everything without writing a single line of code. Oh, did we mention that you get the conflict resolution?

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File synchronization

With mobeelizer you can synchronize binary objects like documents, pictures so they are easily accessible for your mobile apps. High performance data caching will optimise the data transfer for you and your files will be securely stored on our Amazon S3 instance.

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file synchronization



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