Conflict resolution tutorial for mobile database SQLite

Have you already followed Java Advanced Tutorial? If not, you definitely should, because there is another one based on it, which help you understand how to resolve conflicts manualy.

This is a significant milestone for our docs, because so far there was no complete information how to create your own conflict resolver. In this new tutorial we based on Java Advanced Tutorial, which shows how to create simple web application with two models, how to work with users roles and how to synchronize web application database with Mobeelizer. In the new tutorial we added new tool for web application, which is displaying modification history of conflicted entity. The new tool also lets administrators select correct version of entity to resolve conflict. Everything is created in Spring roo, so to complete this tutorial you have to be familiar with:

  • JAVA language
  • Basic of Spring roo (see)
  • Key concepts of Mobeelizer platform (see) especially conflicts.

What you need to do now is complete Java Advanced Tutorial and skip to Java Conflict Resolving Tutorial. When everything gets done, you should be able to see conflicted records and to resolve them. 

Good luck :)

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