Berlin Tech Meetup – Mobeelizer on Tour

At the snowy winter evening on 24th of January we went to our west neighborhood, to show Mobeelizer at the Berlin Tech Meetup. It is the largest technology Meetup in Germany, having around 1,5k members.

The rules were pretty simple – we have to demonstrate our product, we had for it only 5 minutes, but as opposed to other similar events – there is no Power Point rule. So it was a little bit challenging to show the complexity of Mobeelizer in an easy way, so that everybody understand it, and in the same time doesn’t have the feeling that is a simple app. 

We had a brain storm in the office before the event – what should we present, because obviously it couldn’t be raw development and it shouldn’t be our Demo App available in App StoreGoogle Play or Windows Phone Store. At the end we decided to show how to write simple mobile offline client to the highly popular CRM Pipedrive.

Armed with the ready sample and trained many time presentation, which was divided between me and Bartek, we entered the place of the event. It was based in coworking office mobilesuite and the place was astonishing – full of simple design and sophisticated ideas. That kind of places is one of the thing that I envy people from Berlin.

During that evening five companies beside us presented their products:

All of them were amazing – both products and the show, but for me the the most interesting was Auctionata – they are really disrupting the old fashioned industry of art auction and the technology that they’ve made was really astonishing.

Returning to our presentation – we wanted to show how a regular developer is working with Mobeelizer – from the idea to working prototype. As I mentioned – it was challenging to do it in 5 minutes, but we did it showing nearly live coding during it. What was the schedule:

  • How to define the data model in AppDesigner and setup Users
  • How to download the ready made project template for iOS
  • How to use ORMapper in the iOS app to display and save data to local SQLite database
  • What to do in order to synchronize with Mobeelizer cloud from the mobile app
  • How to connect Mobeelizer with Pipedrive in order to exchange data in both ways.

Ufff, quite a lot ;) We had some troubles during it – mainly with the poor internet connection, but we made it.

It was an amazing evening, full of networking, beer and good food. We had also small interview for Gruenderszene. The good thing for all of our Mobeelizer community is, that in few days we will release on our blog the tutorial „How to make an offline mobile client for Pipedrive CRM”.

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