3 mobile enterprise trends for 2013

2012 was called a year of mobile. The question is „Is that it? Has it ended?” I can convince you that NOT AT ALL. The prediction for a year 2013 is a continuation of mobile, but is going to be focused on the business. It will be a year of enterprise application. By some people, it’s called „the new age enterprise”.

 It is not a surprise. The mobile applications help us everyday in daily life, so it was to be expected that sooner or later the applications will help us in work life. In a few short years, mobile devices have emerged as a critical new platform for business computing. So, I apply to companies whether you planned or not, you can be forced to build a mobile version of system, which you are working on already.

 In this year, there are going to be 3 trends in enterprise applications:

Firstly, there is going to be a trend to shift data towards to the cloud. It is the best move for companies to cooperate better and exchange data easier between employees, partners and customers. Cloud and mobile technology deliver a completely new opportunity for enterprises, efficiently deliver company’s data to mobile workers. Cloud and mobile service will become more important than ever in enabling the enterprise workforce. It is important for companies to pick the right cloud service from a list of suppliers, which cuts IT cost and add some features as well.

 Secondly, by the developing trend of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device), building application on only one platform is pointless. It is necessary to look around for mobile development platform, which allows build an application on several operating systems.

 Last but not least trend is that the integration is going to be a priority. Almost every enterprise mobile application will place an emphasis on connection to back-end system and synchronization to company’s CRM system or any other system of records. Not only is there important provide useful data but also enable complete transaction.

 Looking ahead, it will become easier for employees to use their phones to access and exchange data from corporate email, spreadsheets, Power Point presentations or PDF reports. Of course it will be impossible to replace PCs entirely, but increasing popularity of mobile devices are changing the way of how businesses look like lately.

 Everything sounds good for me, because Mobeelizer allows companies to keep securely their data in the cloud, allows develop multi-platform applications and it’s main feature is that it allows to synchronize data easily between mobile devices, but as well between mobile device and web or desktop application.

 It’s going to be a year of business apps, a year of Mobeelizer :)

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