About Us

At mobeelizer we are working hard to ease the process of synchronization on mobile platforms.

Previously part of our team was developing mobile apps that were connected to backbone systems. The process of defining what has to be exchanged between mobile and server, implementation of it and deployment was always very painful. We used some big software to cope with these problems, but they do not solve the problem of multiple platforms. And they were costly.

That is the short history of the roots that took us to establishing mobeelizer. We want to give all technical people a simple way to build synchronization for their mobile solutions. We utilize the power of cloud computing, failover, continius backups and load balancing to give you the easiest and most powerfull synchronization solution. On top of it we give you the full stack that we call Synchronization as a Service. You care about your UI, business logic and we take care about the rest of communication.

The entire Mobeelizer team is backed by the support and wisdom of an experienced group of investors.

Capital of our company has been partly financed by the the European Union under the measure 3.1 Operational Programme - Innovative Economy